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As a thirty year old I feel that I’ve seen more places than most people have in a lifetime. I’ve been to the mountains, saw the oceans, lived in the gulf, the list goes on. Of all the places I’ve been, none compare to Perry County when it comes to being the place for me. That being said, I’ll take just a moment to explain why.

Perry County is one of the few places this day in age where people treat complete strangers as if they were old pals. Whether you’re a little short at the checkout line in the grocery store or broken down on the side of the road, within moments you can always count on someone coming to lend a hand.  This level of hospitality is hard to find these days. It’s a family oriented community that’s rich in family values. Yes it’s a quiet slow-paced community. There are no urban or metropolitan areas for miles. In my opinion that’s the whole beauty of Perry County. I can’t think of a safer place to raise my little girl.

It’s not just the people that make Perry County a great place to live, it’s also the land itself. I know of people who say the area is boring and there’s just nothing to do. On the other hand, I know of people who would give anything to have the Perry County lifestyle that some of us take for granted. Imagine a place where there’s no Hoosier National Forest in your backyard to take your family camping anytime you want. What if there wasn’t a multitude of lakes to just pull over at and grab your fishing pole out of the back of your truck whenever you got the urge. Imagine no Ohio River camps or boat ramps to throw your pontoon in on a Summer afternoon. Fortunately for the people of Perry County, this is not a concern. In other parts of the country families have to take time off from work and travel for miles to experience the hospitality and recreation that the people of Perry County get to experience on a daily basis. This is all just common sense to most Perry County residents, but some of us actually have to leave it before we realize how lucky we were to live in a place where many people only dream about. The rolling hills, the clean lakes, and a forest with the beauty that has been compared to the Smokey Mountains. It’s a vacation in your own back yard. I’m proud to say I’m from Perry County and can’t wait until next month when my family and I are coming home.

Jason Lindsey – freelance writer